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Artisan AS20

Product Description

DMC Artisan AS20 is a premixed sprayable finishing render to achieve even or creative finishes

Features & Benefits

High bonding strength without primer, easy workability for creative finishes and highly durable for long lasting wall finish


Internal and External


Precoloured, White

Surface Finish

As required

Package Size

25KG bag

Compressive Strength

>2 N/mm²

Maximum Grain Size

1.2 mm

Machine Sprayable


Recommended Minimum Thickness

3 mm


ASTM C109, ASTM C144, ASTM C150, EN 1015-2, EN 1015-10, EN 1015-11, EN 1015-12, EN 1015-18, EN 1015-19, SASO EN 998-1


Pineapple Technical Data Sheet

Pineapple Material Safety Data Sheet