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Styro Fix SF100

Product Description

DMC Styro Fix SF100 is a high performance bonding mortar for fixing polystyrene insulation boards on all wall surfaces. Applied with a spray machine, SF100 is an economical and fast way for reliable fixing of polystyrene boards

Features & Benefits

High performance additives ensure excellent adhesion, long bucket life for outstanding workability, approved EIFS system component


Internal and external



Package Size

25KG bag, 1,200KG jumbo bag

Compressive Strength

>6 N/mm²

Maximum Grain Size

1.6 mm

Machine Sprayable


Recommended Minimum Thickness

3 mm


ASTM C109, ASTM C144, ASTM C150, ETAG 004 Adhesion, SASO EN 998-1, SASO-ISO-29803


Pineapple Technical Data Sheet

Pineapple Material Safety Data Sheet