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Insulation Render IR25

Product Description

DMC Insulation Render IR25 is a premixed sprayable insulation render with excellent heat and noise reducing properties. IR25 can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces with minimum preparation of the wall

Features & Benefits

Seamless insulation of all types of walls, spray application for maximum m² per day and 100% fire proof


Internal and external



Package Size

20KG bag, 400KG jumbo bag, Silo (check availability in your area)

Compressive Strength

>1.5 N/mm²

Maximum Grain Size

2.0 mm

Machine Sprayable


Recommended Minimum Thickness

20 mm


ASTM C144, ASTM C150, ASTM C270, ASTM C270 Type O, SASO EN 998-1


Pineapple Technical Data Sheet

Pineapple Material Safety Data Sheet