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Venezia VE40

Product Description

DMC Venezia VE40 is a sprayable, high bonding thin render to create stone-like smooth finishes. VE40 can be used on all cement or lime-based interior or exterior substrates

Features & Benefits

No preparation needed on fair-faced concrete, thin application for low material cost per m² with a fast and highly durable smooth finish


Internal and external



Surface Finish

As required

Package Size

25KG bag

Compressive Strength

> 3.5 N/mm²

Maximum Grain Size

0.5 mm

Machine Sprayable


Recommended Minimum Thickness

3 mm


ASTM C109, ASTM C144, ASTM C150, EN 1015-2, EN 1015-10, EN 1015-11, EN 1015-12, EN 1015-18, EN 1015-19, SASO EN 998-1


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