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Cement Paint CP10

Product Description

DMC Cement Paint CP10 is a two-component sprayable concrete protection coating with excellent bonding strength and long term protection against moisture and carbonisation.

Features & Benefits

Excellent bonding strength to substrate, long term protection against moisture and carbonisation, fast and economical application, fireproof and non-toxic


Foundations and high-rise buildings


Precoloured, White/grey

Surface Finish

As required

Package Size

20kg bag + 1.2L bonding liquid

Water Absorption Coefficient

0.7 kg/m²

Fire Classification

A1, 100% noncombustible (EN 13501-1)

Machine Sprayable


Recommended Minimum Thickness

For 2 layers 0.5 mm


EN 14891:2013, ISO 11998


Pineapple Technical Data Sheet

Pineapple Material Safety Data Sheet